Site Plan

Site Plan Deficiencies

The FHS Strategic Master Plan performed by PDT Architects which was completed in June 2012 determined that there are major areas of deficiency in the physical building as well as the site.  PDT Architects retained the services of engineering sub-consultants with specialties and familiarity with the Freeport High School Building and site.  Carroll Associates worked with PDT on analyzing athletic fields and preparing an athletic field Master Plan.  Gorrill-Palmer Associates prepared a Traffic Impact Study to determine the impact of additions at the school and athletic field improvements as they would relate to traffic in downtown Freeport.

The Master Plan identified Site Plan Deficiencies and provided a roadmap for solutions.  The report outlined deficiencies, in exterior facilities such as athletics, parking and bus drop offs. Dangerous vehicular and pedestrian conflicts exist at the entrance.  Athletic facilities are overused, in poor condition, or absent from the site.

The following are solutions to the major site plan deficiencies:

• Relocate bus drop off and deliveries to the back of the building, expand parking, and provide lighted walkways from parking areas and a sidewalk along portions of snow road.
• Re-orient the bus drop off to the back of the school so students will be dropped off away from traffic, and Holbrook Street will not be blocked off.
• Situate delivery and service vehicles away from student and pedestrian drop off areas.  By relocating the service area to the back of the building, minimal conflicts with traffic and students will occur.
• Expand visitor and faculty parking as well as event parking.
• For the safety and security of students, walkways have been improved with lights.
• Sidewalks along Snow Road will provide students and pedestrians a safe area to walk to school out of the direct line of traffic.



The site plan for the base project includes addressing the deficiencies listed above such as relocating drop-off and deliveries,  building new sidewalks and adding lighting to existing walkways, increase parking, as well as repairing the drainage and resurfacing the north (main) field with new sod. The field hockey field will receive some drainage repairs and new sod.


The scope of this work includes the general site remedies listed above, but also provides for construction upgrade of a track with synthetic turf field located inside the track.  The existing field hockey field would become a new softball field.

Inclusion of a synthetic turf field will more than double our usable field capacity, eliminate the hazards of poor field conditions, and save on maintenance cost over a 10 year period.
• Replacing existing fields with turf will nearly triple the practice time and playing time allowed on the field.
• A turf field is ideal in the northeast due to the high amount of usability vs. grass.
• A turf field will alleviate the need  to cancel games due to poor field conditions and enable teams to utilize the field earlier in the season.  Poor field conditions resulted in playing close to 30 games on opponents fields in the past two years.
• A turf field will reduce the cost of maintenance significantly over a 10 year period.

A track will satisfy unmet physical education and athletic program needs in the school and wellness activities for the RSU5 community.  Freeport High School is only one of 3 schools out of 33 in Class B that do not have a track.
• 100% of Class A schools have a track.  Out of 63 Class A and Class B schools in the state of Maine 93% have a track; it is not a luxury.
• Student athletes will no longer have to be bused to Bowdoin College for the use of their track which will reduce total practice time as well as overall travel fees.
• A track will enable RSU5 to host track meets at their facility which will enhance support and community spirit.

All of these solutions to the Site Plan Deficiencies are socially conscious and fiscally responsible. While not grand, they help meet the needs of all of our Freeport High School students.