Polling Locations on November 5:

  • DURHAM: Durham Community School, 654 Hallowell Road. 8 am to 8 pm.
  • FREEPORT: Freeport High School, 30 Holbrook Street. 7 am to 8 pm.
  • POWNAL: Mallett Hall, 429 Hallowell Road. 8 am to 8 pm.


Additional Information

After the failed referendum vote in June, the RSU5 Board commissioned a survey of voters to determine why the bond failed. Two important factors that emerged were: 1) the cost of the project and 2) the desire of voters to separate the athletic fields from the building renovations.  The Renovation Committee considered several cost reductions options to the project.  Details regarding the survey and potential scope reduction options are presented in their letter to the Board and can be found here:

The renovation and expansion plan for FHS has been through two phases to get where it is today. 

First, the RSU Board charged the FHS Facility Study Advisory Committee to work with an architect to perform a comprehensive facility study and to develop a Strategic Master Plan PDT Architects completed that phase of the project in June of 2012.  The plan was delivered to the Board, who then charged the committee with developing the Conceptual Design in a project that ended in January 2013.

The final report, architectural drawings, proposed budget for the renovations and recommendation memo of the Conceptual Design phase are available on the school's website here:


For historical information about the Master Planning process and documentation generated through that process, please refer to the facilities study website at:


More detailed information about the June project budget is available here:


For a video of the architect's presentation to the School Board on January 9, 2013.