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Letter from Lyndon Keck, PDT Architects regarding Costs and Capacity

Results of the November 5, 2013 Freeport High School Renovations Referendum:

Base Renovation Passed:
Yes votes 2324
No votes 2252

Breakdown by Town
Durham Yes 467 - No 828
Freeport Yes 1639 - No 1029
Pownal Yes 218- No 395

Field and Track Failed:
Yes votes 1776
No votes 2793

Breakdown by Town
Durham Yes 327- No 966
Freeport Yes 1340 - No 1322
Pownal Yes 109 - No 505

Renovate Freeport High School.



 To watch the video of the October 16 Public Hearing, please go here


Absentee Ballots are available at each Town Office



Now is the time! Freeport High School is overcrowded, outdated, and lacks items basic to a 21st century education. On November 5, the communities of RSU5, Durham, Pownal and Freeport will vote on whether to pass a bond for a $14.6 million renovation plan and a separate, $1.7 million track and field addition.


The RSU5 survey conducted in August generally indicated that the June referendum vote failed because many voters were concerned about the cost impact.  Further, some voters felt that the academic and athletic facility improvements should be separate ballot questions. Voters also expressed a desire to scale back the athletic improvements rather than scale back the academic improvements.  After considering several ways to reduce the cost of the project*, the following scope reduction options were recommended to the RSU5 Board of Directors.

·      Leave the library in its current location and move Art and STEM to the existing cafeteria location.  The estimated savings to the project is $580,000.


·      Repair the athletic fields only.  The estimated project savings is $1,731,991.

Repairing the athletic fields is necessary, given the unsafe and often unplayable conditions.  However, we feel strongly that both the synthetic turf and track are valuable and necessary investments in the high school curriculum and facility.  Therefore, the RSU5 Board of Directors voted to send the following two separate ballot questions to the voters on November 5, 2013: 


·      Base Project: Academic Renovations (with Art/STEM relocated to the cafeteria) and Field Repairs: $14,638,009

·      Bond Upgrade: Track and Synthetic Turf:  $1,718,891



 *You can find more information on the survey results and all the options considered to reduce the cost of the project here  

Your votes will address these very important issues:


• Construct a 2 story addition to accommodate existing enrollment and future growth.
• Maintain optimal class sizes and allow for increased programming.
• Build a kitchen and cafeteria that is appropriately sized for our enrollment. 

learn more about the new addition >

1961  Environment


• Allow energy efficient modifications to the 1961 building.
• Provide a new entry that meets current security standards.
• Renovate classrooms, restrooms and other facilities to meet ADA requirements.

learn more about the upgrades >



Site Plan Deficiencies

• Relocate bus drop off, expand parking, and provide lighted walkways.
• Add a turf field.
• Add a track. 

learn more about the site plan >

The original plan was endorsed by the Freeport Town Council in a unanimous vote.   It has also been endorsed by the Freeport Economic Development Council.


NEW:  Visioning for the future of Freeport High School


What is the community vision for our high school? Whether we have a new renovated high school with an addition or our existing school with portable classrooms, we need to hear from citizens about what the community wants for our future high school programming.  Our plans are to begin this process in Winter 2014 if the RSU continues within all three towns.

This visioning process will be similar to the process used to develop the district level vision and strategic plan.  Our expectation is to begin the process with an inspirational speaker regarding how high schools will need to function to meet future needs.  Small focus group discussions would follow to give people time to share what they believe are important elements of a high school experience. The Board has also been asked to include a discussion about the name of the high school, which will be included as part of these discussions.

Our hope is that we would develop a shared vision and beliefs that would drive decisions about our high school.   We currently provide a high quality experience for our students and want that to continue to be our primary focus.  How can we enhance and expand this current experience to ensure our students receive a world-class education into the future?  We’ll invite you to be a part of this future process.

NEW: Check out this student made video of the needs at Freeport High School:  

Click here to view


A very informative 7-minute production that every voter should watch. (opens in new window)

A very informative 7-minute production that every voter should watch. (opens in new window)

For November 5 Polling Locations in Durham, Pownal and Freeport, click here! 


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